The PSF Annual Report

    On the Cutting Edge of Medicine

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    This past year serving as The PSF president has been an incredible experience. We saw our development efforts blossom, research fellowships and projects funded, breast reconstruction patients and children cared for domestically and around the world, registries developed—the list goes on—it has been tremendously exciting.

    By annually supporting new research, The PSF fosters an environment for scientific discovery that improves patient care and helps plastic surgery stay on the cutting edge of medicine.

    The registry efforts—breast implant, ALCL, fat grafting, and others—bring together plastic surgeons, other specialists, and government leaders, who want to contribute to answering important questions that can only be solved through broad participation. The argument could be made that these types of studies yield results that are quicker to realize and are more immediately tangible than more basic science-oriented projects. This means the PSF will have a direct impact on the clinical application of these innovative new ideas.

    A wonderful example is fat grafting. I have used this technique from head to (almost) toe, and the number of applications continues to increase. Probably the single most common topic of projects granted research dollars for the next fiscal year is expanding our knowledge in this area and helping us do it better.

    We have been a leader in other areas as well. The BRA Day USA campaign, beginning its third year, has already produced impressive results. Every one of us who does autogenous or implant-based breast reconstruction benefits from this public awareness effort—as do our patients.

    The Caring for Kids campaign and VIPS efforts are, respectively, new and existing ways that The PSF helps the public, both by directly funding patient care and increasing awareness of plastic surgery’s efforts in this area. This expenditure of time, energy, and money has positive effects in the United States and around the world.

    I wish I had a crystal ball to see five, 10, 20 years down the road to see all that we’ve been able to accomplish together. Thank you for allowing me to guide our path these last 12 months.


    Charles N. Verheyden, MD, PhD
    PSF Immediate Past President