Combined Pilot Research Grants

AAHS/PSF, ACAPS/PSF, ASPN/PSF, ASRM/PSF & PSRC/PSF Combined Pilot Research Grants


The PSF, along with the AAHS, ACAPS, ASPN, ASRM, and PSRC recognize the importance of promoting innovative research in hand surgery, academic plastic surgery related to research, peripheral nerve research, microsurgery, and stimulating fundamental research in plastic surgery. Together, these subspecialty organizations are dedicated to fostering the development of surgeon scientists and are committed to increasing the amount of research dollars, in order to fund pilot research studies that set the stage for investigators to apply to larger funding agencies


If you have not received funds from The PSF before then you must review The PSF Grant Writing Module and complete the Grant Writing Module Certification per the guidelines.  The Proposal Checklist will guide you through the comprehensive requirements, when completing your grant application. Please utilize this most important tool for your PSF grant submission through proposalCENTRAL. When uploading your grant application, the checklist must be attached.