The PSF Committees

    Clinical Trials Network Committee

    The Clinical Trials Network Committee identifies key clinical issues in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, based on their potential strategic impact and importance to plastic surgery clinical practice and improving patient care.

    The Committee is charged with building multi-center consortiums at leading academic and private practice centers, in order to carry out prospective clinical and outcomes trials or registries. The Clinical Trials Network Committee provides infrastructure and resources to support long-term development, implementation, analysis, and dissemination of outcomes data from clinical trials.

    Researcher Education Committee

    The Researcher Education Committee designs and coordinates educational programs that serve to address key fundamental knowledge areas that are required to successfully engage in research, technology advancement, and surgeon-scientist career growth.

    The committee also develops mentoring and research training/fellowship opportunities to interest researchers early in their careers.

    International Scholar Committee

    The PSF/ASMS International Scholar Committee selects a specific number of foreign plastic surgeons to serve as an International Scholar for a period of three to six months in the U.S. The selected International Scholar(s) can then return to their home country and share what has been learned with their colleagues.

    The committee has a joint application process for the International Scholar Program. Members of the committee review and rank all applicants and meet during the annual meeting for selection. The PSF and ASMS each select their own International Scholars and handle notification and additional arrangements separately.

    The PSF Volunteers in Plastic Surgery Steering Committee

    The Volunteers in Plastic Surgery (VIPS) Steering Committee and Forum represents the interests and concerns of volunteer plastic surgeons that desire to, or already participate in domestic and international service missions to developing countries. The Forum also serves as a resource for defining and promoting "best practices" for service teams.

    The VIPS Steering Committee aims to improve fundraising efforts to support medical volunteer missions to third-world countries, and to identify "best practices" of service missions of established service organizations for dissemination to all interested volunteer groups.