Corporate Support Opportunities

    The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation have partnered with corporations and foundations at the local and national level to support its members in their efforts to provide the highest quality patient care and maintain professional and ethical standards through education, research, and advocacy of socioeconomic and other professional activities.

    Through our partnerships, each year a myriad of projects and activities are funded that help to achieve our shared goal to advance the quality of care for patients. Contributions to support education, research and other essential programs allow corporations and foundations to visibly demonstrate their commitment to patient safety and build mutually beneficial relationships with ASPS and The PSF.

    ASPS/The PSF remains committed to an environment of transparency, compliance and the avoidance of commercial influence on physician decisions involving patient care. We rigorously enforce our policies against commercial promotion in ASPS educational programs which are, in turn, conducted in full compliance with ACCME standards for commercial interaction.

    The PSF is the leader in helping plastic surgeons develop more effective ways to care for their patients. PSF offers a number of opportunities for research support in significant areas of investigation. Innovative advances in craniofacial surgery and microsurgery, new insights on the use of reconstructive flap surgery, and the development of endoscopic techniques in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery are just some of the ways PSF-supported research has changed the direction of plastic surgery.

    Pilot Research Grant $10,000 per grant

    Pilot research grants frequently represent the first steps in studies that will lead to revolutionary advances in the field of plastic surgery. The seed money provided by pilot research grants can be the impetus for significant future funding for advanced research in selected areas of study. In 2010, 150 applications were received for pilot research grants. The applications are reviewed and rated on the criteria of methodology, idea, originality, feasibility, background and budget. Topics of several of the awarded projects have included:

    • Tissue engineering
    • Neuroregeneration
    • Angiogenesis
    • Scaffold development
    • Ischemia/reperfusion studies


    Researchers and their sponsoring institutions are notified of underwriting support. The support is kept informed of research progress through periodic updates. Supporters are acknowledged in paper presentations and announced in ASPS/The PSF publications as appropriate.

    Fellowships - Research and Clinical
    $50,000 - $65,000

    The PSF Research Fellowship is designed to offer plastic surgery residents and junior faculty the opportunity to focus their academic development in an area of research for one year.
    The Fellowship covers 12 months of salary support for the researcher, who is required to provide proof of other funding support that will cover the logistical aspects of the research.
    Recent areas of research have included:
    • Bone formation
    • Intrusion effects on nerve allografts
    • Tissue engineering of cartilage

    Supporters of fellowships may designate the area of research they wish to support.
    2010 Fellowships Included:
    • Ethicon Endo-Surgery – Clinical: Post Bariatric Fellowship
    • Allergan Foundation – Research Fellowship
    • Mentor Worldwide – Research Fellowship

    Supported Fellowships will be designated by the company name, or such name as the company chooses. Your company will be listed on the Fellowship Application Form. Researchers and their sponsoring institutions will be notified directly of the donors support. Your company will be acknowledged on the ASPS/The PSF website, in paper presentations and announced in ASPS/The PSF publications as appropriate.

    Scientific Essay Contest
    $500-$3,000 based on type and number of awards funded

    The PSF annually selects eight award winners, from four categories:
    • Basic Science
    • Clinical Research
    • Essay
    • Investigator
    Manuscripts submitted are the result of the original clinical or basic science research in an area of importance to plastic surgery.

    Basic Science awards cover any aspect of basic science research as it relates to plastic surgery (such as anatomy, wound healing, embryology, pathology, etc.).Clinical Research awards pertain to the study of patient-related conditions and their outcomes. Essay Manuscripts focus on theory, ethics, socioeconomic issues, etc.

    The Investigator Award is open to authors who are not plastic surgeons and can be in any area of basic science or clinical research related to plastic surgery.

    Your company will be recognized on the ASPS/The PSF website, Scientific Essay Application Form, in announcements of the award winners in Plastic Surgery News, at the presentation of the first place essays at the annual meeting, and in the Plastic Surgical Forum, a compilation of abstracts from the annual meeting.

    Directed Clinical and Outcomes Research Opportunities

    Clinical Outcomes Registries

    PSF initiated several clinical registries that offer PSF the opportunity to collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of medical professionals. The information obtained through these registries is used to develop research hypotheses and guide development of educational opportunities. These registries also help the specialty validate the quality of care provided by board-certified plastic surgeons.

    Opportunities exist for partnership between PSF and industry to collaborate on design or assist with management of specific clinical or basic science research for a condition, treatment or device based on request from industry or identification of specific need. Because of the Society’s electronic clinical data collection instrument, projects can be implemented and facilitated in a timely manner. The electronic system is able to be used at the clinical study site, thus reducing data entry errors, and enabling more timely data analysis and reporting.

    Corporate Support Opportunities
    $250,000-$500,000 depending on level of design and volume of study sites and test subjects/patients of directed research project.

    Your company will be acknowledged in publications and paper and oral presentations. If an application is utilized, the company name will be included.

    Specific report development and generation will be based on guidelines for product or area of interest. Industry may collaborate with The PSF on:

    • Identification of research opportunities based on the findings of registry information
    • Providing non-binding advice concerning projects/programs specific to their area of expertise

    For more information contact:
    Joel Payne
    Director, Corporate Development
    (847) 228-3325