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The PSF President's Page: The Maliniac Circle: Facilitating The PSF's mission

This year marks the 70th anniversary of The PSF, and it is a good time to remember how The PSF originated and continues to provide for support through continued growth of its most generous donor base – The Maliniac Circle.

In 1948, Jacques Maliniac, MD, a founding member of the ASPS, realized that the ASPS now served multiple purposes and he turned his attention toward development of a separate organization that focused on education and research in plastic surgery, and promoted the science of plastic surgery among its members and the public. This new organization gave rise to The PSF. Dr. Maliniac served as president of the Foundation from 1948 to 1955.

Preserving Dr. Maliniac's legacy, The PSF has grown to serve as the largest source of research grants in plastic surgery outside of the NIH. The Foundation trains surgeon-scientists of the future through numerous fellowships focused on breast reconstruction, translational research and basic science. The PSF is the home of multiple clinical registries to track and improve outcomes in plastic surgery, as well as making significant contributions to community service through Fresh Start Caring for Kids and through Breast Reconstruction Awareness and charitable care.

The Foundation's global mission is further reflected by efforts such as the International Scholars program, in which plastic surgeons from underserved countries receive educational opportunities in the United States, and the Volunteers in Plastic Surgeons (VIPS) program, in which domestic members of The PSF participate in global health care. The PSF will highlight these programs in upcoming monthly digital media releases.

The Maliniac Circle was established to support the ongoing legacy that Dr. Maliniac envisioned. Induction into the Maliniac Circle demonstrates a sincere belief in and enthusiasm for the pioneering research pursued by The PSF. As a Maliniac Fellow, you provide the resources that guarantee success for the future of the specialty. Maliniac Fellows have made a minimum $100,000 deferred-gift commitment or provided $50,000 or more via an outright contribution of cash or appreciated securities to the Foundation. As of 2018, those who make an outright contribution to the Maliniac Fellowship and those who select the deferred-gift commitment through policies administered by The PSF will be credited to offset the annual recommended voluntary PSF contribution. To date, 115 member surgeons from ASPS and The PSF are now part of the Maliniac Circle. We invite you to join this exclusive group and become part of the elite that will ensure the future of plastic surgery through research, education and clinical service in areas of greatest need. You can learn more about the Maliniac Fellowship here.


Arun Gosain