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Arizona Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fundraiser Date TBD

The Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF) is hosting a Arizona community-based fundraising event for the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign. All proceeds will support patients in Arizona through research focusing on breast reconstruction and providing financial assistance to organizations supporting uninsured or under-insured women who choose to have their breast(s) reconstructed following a lumpectomy or mastectomy because of a breast cancer diagnosis.

While breast cancer receives considerable funding to push forward their efforts, breast reconstruction is often overlooked and many patients are not even aware of all options when told they have breast cancer. We need your help to make a change! The Plastic Surgery Foundation's effort is therefore unique as it is one of the few national organizations to promote breast reconstruction following ablative procedures for the treatment of breast cancer.

An Arizona planning committee has been formed to raise funds and awareness in Arizona. Join us and the Arizona Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Planning Committee as we raise awareness and funds to benefit patients who are to undergo breast reconstruction.

We would love your input and assistance in making our local fundraiser successful. The funds will be restricted to distribution in Arizona to assist patients in need of breast reconstruction. All funds raised would be directed toward the following aspects of breast reconstruction:

  • Breast Reconstruction Awareness
  • Charitable Care for Breast Reconstruction
  • Research focused on Breast Reconstruction

Over the past two years, Chicago has spearheaded a local Plastic Surgery Foundation Breast Reconstruction Awareness fundraiser and distributed $28,000 in 2019 to local nonprofit organizations. The momentum is growing across the nation and a BRA event is currently being planned for San Francisco.

Getting involved is easy!

Submit questions to and indicate that you are interested in the Arizona Breast Reconstruction Awareness Event. Potential responsibilities of committee members include:

  • One-year commitment
  • Monthly planning conference calls
  • Determining and analyzing fundraising goal/type of event/venue/budget
  • Having a vast patient and colleague network

In addition, the Chicago and San Francisco BRA Planning Committees have adopted an honorary chair model with local celebrities assisting with fundraising and attendee network. It would be suggested to follow this same model to ensure success, although not mandatory. Please visit the Chicago and San Francisco BRA Fundraiser web pages for more information on the campaign events.

Committee Members: Terry R. Maffi, MD, FACS; Raman C Mahabir, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS; Tim Matatov, MD; Ali Mosharrafa, MD; Tamir Mosharrafa, MD; Nellie Movtchan, MD; Steven Sigalove, MD, FACS