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Research and The Plastic Surgery Foundation

The Plastic Surgery Foundation's Research Oversight Council (ROC) is charged with identifying emerging and ongoing areas in need of further scientific research in plastic surgery.

The ROC has identified the following high-priority research areas in plastic surgery:

  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • Stem cell biology
  • Fat grafting and adipose matrices
  • Allograft dermis/epidermis for wound healing
  • Vascularized composite allograft
  • Breast reconstruction
  • The use of biologics in breast reconstruction
  • Surgical education
  • Safety, outcomes and health services research studies
  • Comparative effectiveness/cost studies
  • Breast implants
  • ALCL and breast implants

Research Oversight Council

The Research Oversight Council (ROC) is involved in strategic and long range planning to help prioritize PSF research initiatives for the purpose of advancing the art and science of the plastic surgery specialty. The council functions in an advisory capacity to identify and promote the common goal of a unified plastic surgery research agenda. The council is comprised of representatives from the following organizations as well as ASPS/PSF Committee Chairs under the Research Line and Leadership from The PSF:

  • AAHS
  • AAPS
  • ASPN
  • ASRM
  • PSRC

The council fosters new knowledge in plastic surgery that advances patient care, safety and innovation, provides opportunities for research career development for plastic surgeons as well as a forum for specialty-wide information exchange. The ROC serves in an advisory capacity to The PSF to help identify and implement the dynamic and timely research goals of The PSF.

Registries and Clinical Studies

The Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF) is committed to facilitating high quality, clinical and health services research that promotes evidence-based medicine in plastic surgery. Through the Clinical Trials Network Subcommittee and the Clinical Registries Steering Committee, The PSF is designed to be the leading facilitator of evidence-based medicine and Plastic Surgery Clinical Trials Research with a focus on improving quality of care and patient safety. These committees seek to build multi-center networks of leading clinicians to identify and research clinical priority areas in plastic surgery, as well as collect registry data for quality improvement. The outcomes data from the trials and Plastic Surgery Registry Network (PSRN) registries will assist surgeons, patients and payers in choosing safe, effective and efficient treatment interventions.