Clinical Fellowships

    Many plastic surgeons complete their residency with the desire to gain expertise in a sub-specialty of plastic surgery that could lead to improved treatment for all plastic surgeons and patients.

    The PSF Leadership has determined that one of the most effective ways The PSF can advance new therapeutic strategies is by establishing clinical fellowships that provide recent resident graduates with a year of dedicated time to focus on investigations and training dedicated to specific sub-specialties in plastic surgery.

    All clinical fellows spend their fellowship year working under the supervision of a well-established and accomplished mentor. By providing surgeons the opportunity to concentrate solely on a sub-specialty for a full year, they will contribute to the pool of knowledge that will enable plastic surgery to continue to make consistent progress. Additionally, following their fellowship year, these surgeons will have gained valuable training and expertise allowing them to become leaders in the field, who will study healing and outcomes, and provide better techniques from which all of plastic surgery may benefit.

    The PSF is not currently accepting applications for clinical fellowships.