A Message From PSF President Nicholas B. Vedder, MD

    Nicholas B. Vedder, MD
    Nicholas B. Vedder, MD

    The Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF) has a simple mission: improve the quality of patient care through research and development.

    The entire field of plastic surgery is defined by innovation; developing creative solutions to medicine and surgery’s most challenging problems. Watering the seeds of innovation so they may blossom into the future of plastic surgery is at the root of everything we do at The PSF.

    Founded in 1948, The Foundation acts as the research and charitable arm of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. We have a rich history of supporting research that has gone on to impact millions of lives across multiple medical specialties in countries around the world.

    PSF-funded research has real-world benefits and has gone on to garner substantial federal support, changing the paradigms of care and practice throughout the entire breadth of plastic surgery.

    During the last fiscal year, The PSF invested approximately one million dollars in plastic surgery research programs, with roughly $700,000 going directly to investigator-initiated projects.

    The PSF’s expanded focus on outcomes and evidenced-based research provides patients with the highest quality of care and safety. In 2014, we worked together with the FDA and other stakeholders to launch the National Breast Implant Registry, the first collaborative effort between plastic surgeons and the federal government to assess the performance and safety of breast implants throughout the entire lifetime of the implant.

    In addition to incubating ideas through multiple grants and fellowships, The PSF has grown into a research institution in its own right, coordinating multi-center clinical trials such as Cancer Risk After Fat Transfer (CRAFT) and Finger Replantation and Amputation Challenges in Assessing Impairment, Satisfaction and Assessment (FRANCHISE).

    Our leadership in establishing registries for fat grafting (GRAFT), operations and outcomes of plastic surgeons (TOPS) and investigating ALCL & breast implants (PROFILE), have impacts across the specialty, improving the quality of patient care.

    These projects, and others, create a solid foundation from which The PSF can shape the future of plastic surgery.

    The Foundation’s commitment to improving the lives of patients doesn’t end with research and development. The PSF has long been a leader in providing immediate help through outreach campaigns and humanitarian efforts.

    The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund enables The PSF to raise awareness about reconstruction options for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, while helping provide access to reconstructive surgery for those in need.

    The Fresh Start Caring for Kids Foundation is a partnership with Fresh Start Surgical Gifts that provides life-changing reconstructive surgery from volunteer hospitals and board-certified plastic surgeons to children with congenital deformities and injuries in the United States.

    Over the past three decades, The PSF has also helped more than 150,000 children and adults worldwide through our Volunteers in Plastic Surgery program, which supports plastic surgery mission trips around the globe.

    The PSF is also dedicated to spreading life-saving knowledge through training, such as the International Scholars Program, which enables plastic surgeons from abroad to spend time studying at institutions in the United States.

    The work of The Foundation, whether it be research, humanitarian efforts, or training, is about plastic surgery changing lives. Our work will create the future of the specialty of plastic surgery. The continued support of The PSF by the entire community of board-certified plastic surgeons is vital to the future of our specialty. Every donation is a droplet of rain, a lifeline of nourishment for new ideas that will grow into life-saving and groundbreaking innovations, which is the core of the specialty of plastic surgery.


    Nicholas B. Vedder, MD
    President, The PSF