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International Scholars

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) / The Plastic Surgery Foundation's (The PSF) International Scholar Program enables plastic surgeons from abroad to study at host plastic surgery institutions in the United States for three to six months.

The plastic surgeon must be in the developmental stage of their studies, have completed their plastic surgery training and have flexibility to travel and study at more than one institution. The focus of this study may be clinical, research, or a combination of the two.

Please note that past International Scholar award recipients are ineligible for repeat scholarships due to the great need to train doctors internationally and limited resources.

Smile Train (via The Plastic Surgery Foundation) is a charity providing corrective surgery for children in 87 countries around the world with cleft lips and cleft palates. In addition to the corrective surgery, Smile Train also provides training for local doctors and hospital funding for the procedures. Smile Train offers two $16,775 (USD) scholarships for ASPS scholars annually to serve on mission trips. Applicants must be interested in learning about surgical procedures for cleft lips and palates and serving on mission trips.

The Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF) recognizes the importance of promoting US-based training for international surgeons who are interested in expanding their surgical capabilities. The PSF is the charitable foundation of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Two scholarships of $9,000 (USD) are provided to young surgeons to visit and observe at US-based plastic surgery training centers and attend Plastic Surgery The Meeting.

The Achauer Foundation was created in memory of Bruce Achauer, MD, an ASPS member who was committed to international missionary efforts during his lifetime. As part of this grant, a portion of the training will be conducted at the University of California, Irvine, where Dr. Achauer was in charge of the burn unit. The Achauer Fundation offers one scholarships of $9,000 (USD) annually to visit and observe at US-based plastic surgery training centers and attend Plastic Surgery The Meeting.

The Peer Foundation is a grant in memory Lyndon Peer, MD, and provides an excellent opportunity for the development of plastic surgeons from other countries. The Peer Foundation offers one $10,500 (USD) scholarship annually for ASPS scholars to observe at plastic surgery centers in the United States to study cleft and craniofacial surgery.