The Plastic Surgery Foundation
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Board of Directors

J. Peter Rubin, MD
ASPS President
Bernard T. Lee, MD, MBA, MPH
PSF President
Gregory A Greco, DO, FACS
ASPS President-Elect
Howard Levinson, MD, FACS
PSF President-Elect
Bruce A. Mast, MD
Board Vice President, Academic Affairs (2022)
Scott Hollenbeck, MD
Board Vice President, Education (2022)
C. Bob Basu, MD, MBA, MPH, FACS
Board Vice President, Finance & Treasurer (2022)
Lynn A. Damitz, MD
Board Vice President, Health Policy & Advocacy (2023)
Peter J. Taub, MD
Board Vice President, Research (2023)
Steven H. Williams, MD
Board Vice President, Membership (2022)
Scot Bradley Glasberg, MD, FACS
Board Vice President, Development (2022)
Joseph E. Losee, MD
Immediate Past ASPS President
Gayle M Gordillo, MD
Immediate Past PSF President
Michael D. Costelloe
Executive Vice President
Caitlin Podbielski, Esq.
Legal Counsel
Kevin C. Chung, MD, MS
ASPS Trustee
Debra J. Johnson, MD
ASPS Trustee
Gordon K. Lee, MD
Member-at-Large (2022)
Michele Manahan, MD
Member-at-Large (2023)
Michelle Roughton, MD
YPS Representative
Kyle R. Eberlin, MD
AAHS Representative
Vu T. Nguyen, MD
ACAPS Representative
Anand R. Kumar, MD
ASMS Representative
Catherine Curtin, MD
ASPN Representative
Joseph J. Disa, MD
ASRM Representative
Timothy W. King, MD, PhD
PSRC Representative
Yur-Ren Kuo, MD, PhD
International Representative (2022)
Megan Fracol, MD
Resident Representative
Pamela Bailey
PSF Public Member