General Registry of Autologous Fat Transfer (GRAFT)

    Project Title: General Registry of Autologous Fat Transfer (GRAFT)

    Principal Investigators: Babak Mehrara, MD and J. Peter Rubin, MD

    Clinical Coordinating Center: The Plastic Surgery Foundation

    Project Description: The objective of this quality improvement initiative is to establish the first US-based, Nation-Wide Registry of fat grafting for all aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. The GRAFT Registry is a central web-accessible national database in which participating clinical centers contribute fat grafting cases performed for aesthetic or reconstructive surgery. Patient demographics, procedural variables, complications, and incidence of new or recurrent breast cancers are being collected at established time points. In addition, GRAFT uses the BREAST-Q®, a patient reported outcome (PRO) instrument developed through a PSF-sponsored project, to determine the impact of these procedures on PROs and quality of life. Data from GRAFT will be used for providing insight into the safety of fat grafting procedures and to establish best practice guidelines that will have broad impact on the plastic surgery community.

    Status: GRAFT is currently collecting Breast specific data from select core sites. Data collection will open to all ASPS members in October 2015, for all fat grafting procedures.


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