The Heritage Society and the Legacy Club

    The Heritage Society and the Legacy Club recognize the plastic surgeons and other friends who have chosen to affirm their life’s work and leave a permanent expression of their commitment to to the future of plastic surgery.

    Heritage Society - Deferred gift of $20,000 - $49,999

    • Dr. John D. DesPrez*
    • Dr. Mary L. McKenzie*

    Legacy Club - Deferred gift of less than $20,000

    • Dr. Bromley Freeman*
    • Dr. John H. Hartley, Jr.
    • Dr. Hugh A. Johnson*
    • Dr. Bruce Novack
    • Dr. Alfred J. Suraci*
    • Dr. Hale Tolleth
    • Dr. Fredrich Weissman*
    • Dr. Thomas Zaydon, Sr.*