Research and the Plastic Surgery Foundation

    The Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF) Research Oversight Council (ROC) is charged with identifying emerging and ongoing areas in need of further scientific research in plastic surgery. The council, which is composed of members of ASPS and other related plastic surgery sub-specialty organizations, has identified the following high-priority research areas in plastic surgery:

    • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
    • Stem cell biology
    • Fat grafting and adipose matrices
    • Allograft dermis/epidermis for wound healing
    • Vascularized composite allograft
    • Breast reconstruction
    • The use of biologics in breast reconstruction
    • Surgical education
    • Safety, outcomes and health services research studies
    • Comparative effectiveness/cost studies
    • Breast implants
    • ALCL and Breast implants

    The PSF will consider applications addressing the ROC priorities as well as all important and relevant areas of research impacting the practice of plastic surgery. The above list has been provided as reference.