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General Registry of Autologous Fat Transfer

Project Title: General Registry of Autologous Fat Transfer (GRAFT)

Principal Investigators: Babak Mehrara, MD and J. Peter Rubin, MD

Status: Currently collecting cases

What Is GRAFT?

GRAFT is a web-accessible database in which board-certified plastic surgeons within US, Brazil and Canada can contribute fat grafting cases performed to any area of the body. The objective of this quality improvement initiative is to establish a global registry of fat grafting for all aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. Patient demographics, procedural variables and outcomes information are being collected at baseline and follow-up time points. The GRAFT Registry Breast Module, that used extended case report forms for collecting data on fat grafting to breast, has reached its accrual goal and is closed for further data collection.

What Data Will Be Collected?

GRAFT is a tool for prospective data collection on fat grafting procedures. Data is collected at the time of procedure and whenever the patient returns to your office for follow-up. At the time of the fat grafting procedure, you will answer approximately five-10 questions about the patient and the procedure. At follow-up, you will answer approximately five questions related to outcomes of the procedures. All answers are easily accessible from the patient's medical chart. You will have access to data entered at your site at all times. 

Why Is This Important?

While fat grafting is gaining popularity in plastic surgery practices, there also has been an increase in regulatory activity related to fat grafting and regenerative medicine. (Visit Regulation of Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular or Tissue-Based Products for more information). The ASPS and PSF want to ensure there is relevant clinical data to help inform future regulatory decisions. Data from GRAFT will be used for providing insight into the safety of fat grafting procedures and to establish best practice guidelines that will have broad impact on the plastic surgery community.

Benefits to Participating?

  • Efficiently follow patient outcomes over time and track your practice patterns
  • Use specialized data dashboards to visualize data entered from your site
  • Benchmark your practice against the aggregate data collected in GRAFT
  • Satisfy the Practice Improvement Activity of Continuous Certification for the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). You can generate a Continuous Certification report in GRAFT to submit to the ABPS. Please note that this functionality is available only on the web version of GRAFT and not on the mobile app.

How to Get Started?

Visit the Plastic Surgery Registries Network to begin registration and sign up. Please use Internet Explorer browser version 10 or higher, or Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari browser.

Please refer to the PSRN sign up portal step by step guide for a quick overview of how to register.

What to Do After Your Registration Is Complete?

If you have already registered and received your log in credentials for the PSRN data entry dashboard, visit the Plastic Surgery Registries Network to begin case submission. After you sign in, you will have access to How to Navigate through GRAFT Dashboard document with step-by-step instructions on navigating the GRAFT dashboard and data entry.

Did You Know?

An app is available for data entry into GRAFT from your mobile devices. If you are already registered, you can visit the Google Play or App Store to begin data entry using your mobile devices!

Got questions? We have answers! Be sure to check out our GRAFT Registry FAQ.

Data Entry into GRAFT is fast and easy! Check out the GRAFT Case Report Forms.

For more information on GRAFT, please contact

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