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Named Gift Opportunities

Although The Plastic Surgery Foundation is fortunate to generate a significant amount of its funds through self-supporting programs, much of the work done by The PSF is dependent upon contributed support from members, corporate sponsors and foundations.

The PSF also welcomes the opportunity to work with donors to identify other programs suitable to his or her interests.

Directed Research

Amount to Endow: $2,000,000

Annual Award: $100,000

A gift of $2 million will provide for an annual named research award of $100,000 to investigate issues, which will have substantial impact on plastic surgery as it is practiced today and in the future. Directed research awards will be designated in areas of critical importance to the future of plastic surgery. Areas will be identified by The PSF research commission or such other body as may be appointed by the PSF Board to work with the donor on directed designation.

Research Fellowships

Amount to Endow: $1,000,000

Annual Award: $50,000

When a bright, questioning mind is matched with the right resources, extraordinary things can happen. The PSF Fellowship Program was established in 1987 to provide surgeons the rare opportunity to concentrate solely on research for a full year. The fellowships cover 12 months of salary support for the surgeon researcher, who is required to provide proof of other funding support to cover the logistical aspects of the research. Recent areas of research have included fetal wound healing, neo-cartilage formation, craniosynostosis, injectable delivery systems and nerve autografts.

Sponsors of named fellowships may choose to designate an area of study they wish to support, or leave the fellowship open to all areas of applicant interest.

Pilot Research Grants

Amount to Endow: $200,000

Annual Award: $10,000

Pilot Research Grants are among the most important funded research programs of The PSF. Frequently, they represent the first steps in study, which will lead to revolutionary advances in the field. The seed money provided by pilot research grants can also be the impetus for significant future funding for advanced research in the selected areas of study. A Pilot Research Grant can be named for $200,000. Named grants can be designated for a particular area of study or may be unrestricted.

Senior Residents Conference Abstract Award

Amount to Endow: $10,000

Annual Award: $500

This annual conference brings together senior residents from across the country to provide for scientific exchange as well as an opportunity to meet fellow surgeons who will become life-long colleagues. During this three and one-half day event, participants present abstracts, for which awards are presented. Award categories include aesthetic, reconstructive/burn, congenital, hand, basic research, maxillofacial and microsurgery. A gift of $10,000 will endow and name one award in the donor's selected area of interest and fund the related paper session of the conference.

Symposia, instructional courses and lectures offered during the annual meeting, Plastic Surgery The Meeting, and throughout the year are designed to advance physician competence, address educational gaps and emerging trends, promote patient safety, and improve patient outcomes.

Named Lectureship at Annual Meeting

A lectureship can be named for a gift of $250,000. Named lectureships will fund the related paper session at Plastic Surgery The Meeting.

Named Panel at Annual Meeting

A gift of $500,000 will endow a panel at Plastic Surgery The Meeting. The panel will bring together experts to discuss research results or the latest trends in plastic surgery.

Named Instructional Course at Annual Meeting

The contribution of $100,000 will establish an instructional course named as the donor deems appropriate. The course will be offered during Plastic Surgery The Meeting.

Visiting Professors

Amount to Endow: $250,000

Annual Award: $12,500

Selected annually by a committee of peers, Visiting Professors travel throughout the United States and Canada, lecturing at surgical facilities. This important program allows surgeons who are among the best in their field to share their expertise with others. An endowed fund will generate support for travel expenses and a small stipend for each of these Visiting Professors.

International Scholars

Amount to Endow: $200,000

Annual Amount: $10,000

Plastic surgeons from developing countries are selected annually for additional training in plastic surgery at a medical training facility in the United States. Visits are for three to six months. In addition to expanding their knowledge and skills, the sharing of information learned upon their return to their home country allows this program to have even greater impact. Visiting Scholars are also required to report on their experiences, and these reports are published in Plastic Surgery News. A gift of $200,000 will provide for travel and living expenses for one scholar through a named fund.