The PSF Research Grant and Fellowship Programs

Through its main funding programs, The PSF supports investigators from the beginning of their careers, during residency on up to well-established plastic surgeons.

Combined Pilot Research Grants

The PSF, along with the AAHS, ACAPS, ASPN, ASRM, and PSRC recognize the importance of promoting innovative research in hand surgery, academic plastic surgery related to research, peripheral nerve research, microsurgery, and stimulating fundamental research in plastic surgery. Together, these subspecialty organizations are dedicated to fostering the development of surgeon scientists and are committed to increasing the amount of research dollars, in order to fund pilot research studies that set the stage for investigators to apply to larger funding agencies.
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Pilot Research Grant

The PSF Pilot Research Grant (PRG) is intended to foster plastic surgery innovation in the areas of basic science, clinical outcomes and translational research. These grants provide seed funding which is intended to allow investigators to begin work on preliminary research projects related to the plastic surgery sciences. Projects that are a prelude to the NIH or other external funding agencies are encouraged.
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National Endowment for Plastic Surgery Grant

The National Endowment (NEPS) for Plastic Surgery Research Grant is intended to support research projects which address clinically relevant, immediate or emerging issues facing the practice of plastic surgery. Applications must address a topic of importance to the current clinical practice of plastic surgery.
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Research Fellowship Grants

The purpose of the Research Fellowship (RF) Grant is to encourage research and academic career development for plastic surgery residents and junior faculty. The Research Fellowship is intended to supplement salary for one year during a mentored research experience.
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The PSF/MTF Dermal Tissue Grant

The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) and The PSF will offer research grants to investigators studying dermal allograft tissue transplantation. These grants are intended to provide support to research projects focused on dermal allografts, transplant science, biologic reconstruction of tissues using grafts derived from dermal tissues.
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Grant Topics Evaluated in 2013

In 2013, grant applications requested a total over $3.5million dollars. The PSF Study Section subcommittees of Basic & Translational Research and Clinical Research evaluated 144 grant applications in the following topics:
2013 Grant Topics

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High Priority Research Areas

The PSF has identified the following high-priority research areas in plastic surgery:

  • Allogeneic transplantation approaches in tissue engineering (regenerative medicine)
  • Stem and progenitor cells (therapeutic realities)
  • The use of allograft biologics in breast reconstruction
  • Fat grafting and adipose matrices
  • Allograft dermis/epidermis for wound healing
  • Composite tissue allotransplantation (CTA)
  • Safety and outcomes studies
  • Acellular dermis investigations
  • Comparative effectiveness/cost studies

The PSF Grant Program FAQs

NOTE: Funding from The PSF does not support indirect or administrative costs.