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AAPS/PSF Academic Scholar Award

The American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS)/PSF Academic Scholar Award provides a two-year faculty research scholarship to surgeons entering academic careers in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The scholarship assists a surgeon in the establishment of a new and independent research program.

Scholarship Guidelines

Latest Award Recipient

Mario G. Solari, MD

University of Pittsburgh
Project Title: Isolation and Characterization of Cutaneous Immune Cells with a Novel Technique after Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation

Dr. Mario G. Solari is an assistant professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery and Department of Immunology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He performs general reconstructive and microsurgery with a focus on head and neck reconstruction.

Dr. Solari performed his undergraduate studies at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and earned his medical degree from Tufts University in Boston. He completed his plastic surgery residency at the University of Pittsburgh. He took time away from clinical duty during residency to pursue a two-year extramural NIH fellowship (NRSA) studying the immunology of vascularized composite tissue allotransplantation. After graduating from plastic surgery residency, he completed a reconstructive microsurgery fellowship at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Dr. Solari is the director of the Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (VCA) Research Laboratory. His major research interests include elucidating the immunobiology of VCA and developing strategies that limit systemic immunosuppression, prevent acute and chronic rejection, promote allograft longevity, and maximize functional outcome.

Dr. Solari is the associate director of the Clinical Reconstructive Transplantation Program. His laboratory is closely linked with the clinical program; the ultimate goal being the translation of new research findings into novel therapies that will improve the care and quality of life of clinical hand and facial tissue allograft recipients.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2012-14: Samuel J. Lin, MD
  • 2010-12: Jesse A. Taylor, MD
  • 2008-10: Stephen M. Warren, MD