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Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign

The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign is sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and The Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF), and financially supported through corporations, institutions, private practices and individuals.

Its intent is simple: Educate, engage and empower women to make the decision that is best for them following a diagnosis with breast cancer. That involves informing women, family members, caregivers and the media that the breast cancer loop remains open until a woman is informed of all her breast reconstruction options.

The campaign is multi-faceted and includes broad-reaching communication efforts to inform the public. Through national and local events, programming and a mix of traditional and new media efforts, millions of people have been informed of breast reconstruction options following mastectomy.

Contribute & Support

Join the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign today! All contributions support The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund to help fund research efforts and charity care, as well as underwrite the costs of the campaign. That includes national and local media and advertising efforts and providing public and media relations assistance to affiliate organizations establishing grassroots events throughout the country.

Participate in the CareCredit Card Program

About 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, making education about breast reconstruction options an important part of their care choices. In 2015, Congress passed the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act to amend the Public Health Service Act to ensure breast cancer patients, particularly of racial and ethnic minority groups, are aware of breast reconstruction, prostheses and other options.

CareCredit is proud to support the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign, sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation, in its efforts to advance this initiative by providing grants and donations that help fund research, outreach, education and care. Together, we can help inform women of their options following a breast cancer diagnosis and empower them to make a decision that works best for them.

Support Breast Reconstruction Awareness in October

Every time a CareCredit cardholder makes a purchase of $200 or more with their card at an ASPS practice in October, CareCredit will donate $1 to the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign.

In 2021, CareCredit donated $22,965 from purchases made at ASPS practices in the month of October – a big success for the first year of this campaign!

Become a BRA Day Affiliate

Get involved as a BRA Day Affiliate! Last year, more than 311 affiliates participated in raising awareness and funds around the globe. Join us for BRA Day 2022. Organizations joining the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day effort will receive a marketing tool kit. If funds are raised, we encourage organizations to contribute 80% of the funds to a local organization dedicated to the mission of the campaign and to contribute the remaining 20 percent is contributed to The PSF's Breast Reconstruction Awareness fund.

Become a BRA Campaign Corporate Sponsor

Join us as a sponsor! Sponsors will receive recognition on the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day materials, ASPS and The PSF websites, and through press outreach and social media channels. All levels of support are welcome, including commercial support sponsorships, grants and in-kind contributions that will help support the charity care of women seeking breast reconstruction.

Please contact Erin Finnigan for more information at (847) 228-6319 or

Donate Now!

Individual contributions: The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund is grateful for the support of individual donors. There are a variety of ways you can contribute:

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