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Becoming a Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day affiliate demonstrates your interest and desire to educate others about breast reconstruction and women's health. Host an event or advertising campaign within your practice or throughout your community to confirm the importance plastic surgeons play during a woman's breast cancer journey. All participation goes a long way!

Become an Affiliate

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day USA took place on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

Breast Reconstruction is a personal choice, but all women deserve to know their options. Let's unite and close the loop on breast cancer today.

Thank you for being an advocate and serving as an educator about breast reconstruction options and insurance coverage for this procedure. Raising awareness would not be possible without you!

Event Ideas and Resources

After completing the affiliate form, you will receive a free Marketing PR Toolkit to assist in marketing your event. The Marketing Toolkit includes:

  • Messaging, Facts and Figures
  • Press Release Template
  • Customizable PDF Promotional Flyer
  • Local Government Proclamation Template
  • Patient Letter Template
  • Social Media Messaging Examples
  • And More!

Event Ideas

  • Educational Seminar: Organize a presentation by plastic surgeons, breast surgeons, nurse specialists and other medical professionals on topics such as breast reconstruction options, timing for surgery, latest advances, etc.
  • Art Contest and Raffle: Ask breast cancer survivors to design a bra and auction them off.
  • Spa Day: Ask a local salon to support a day of spa services for breast cancer patients' services for breast cancer patients.
  • Question and Answer Panel: Invite plastic surgeons, breast cancer survivors, patients who have undergone mastectomy and breast reconstruction to be part of a panel where members of the community can freely ask questions and breast reconstruction.
  • "Show and Tell" Intimate Event: Approach smaller breast cancer support groups to host a breast cancer survivor who has undergone mastectomy and breast reconstruction to speak to the group, and if comfortable, show the women what reconstruction looks like.
  • Advertising Campaign: Develop a poster or signage with a message, images, statistics, etc. Have the image posted on the sides of a bus, in store windows, etc.
  • Patient Appreciation Lunch: Host a fundraising or complimentary lunch to honor your breast reconstruction patients. Invite their friends, family and supporters.

For questions or more information, please contact Renée Robbins at (847) 228-3362 or email

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbons

The Breast Reconstruction Awareness ribbon is the perfect keepsake to provide at an event or a good way to start a conversation about a woman's reconstruction options after breast cancer surgery.

The 3-inch dark pink ribbon comes with a small safety pin and is designed to symbolize the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day tagline "Closing the Loop on Breast Cancer." All sales will be donated to the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund of The Plastic Surgery Foundation.

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Recent studies show more than 3 million women have a history of breast cancer in the United States. Every woman should know her options and have adequate information to make an educated decision about her breast cancer treatment.

Developed in 2017, this consumer publication provides exclusive coverage on all topics related to breast reconstruction to help women understand their options. The publication also highlights the Society's efforts in raising awareness, as well as stories of hope and innovation from patient and physician perspectives.

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