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National Endowment for Plastic Surgery


The National Endowment for Plastic Surgery Grant is intended to support research projects that translate clinical or basic science research findings into clinically relevant advancements or tools with a high likelihood of impacting daily practice and patient care within the next few years. Applications will be evaluated based on the importance of the study question, soundness of study design, demonstration of study feasibility through preliminary/pilot data, the quality of the investigator team and use of appropriate statistical and analytic methods.


"Support through The PSF's NEPS grant has helped build the foundation for my lab's growth in an exciting direction for our research in lymphedema. It has allowed us to uncover some previously unknown mechanisms responsible for lymphedema, which we will continue to interrogate further."

– Shailesh Agarwal, MD
Brigham and Women's Hospital
2023 NEPS Grant Recipient

"The PSF's NEPS Grant has supported our team's efforts to develop a storytelling program that can be used as a peer-to-peer educational resource for breast cancer patients. The PSF's support has been essential to the success of this work, which we hope to leverage into a larger, federally funded study."

– Lily Mundy, MD
Johns Hopkins University
2023 NEPS Grant Recipient

"The invaluable support provided by The Plastic Surgery Foundation NEPS Grant has allowed our team to create a clinically meaningful and scientifically sound Patient Reported Outcome Measure for patients suffering from headaches. This PROM will be the first questionnaire to include patients who undergo surgical management for headaches which is critical for plastic surgeons performing this procedure to allow for objective evaluation of outcomes and comparison of outcome between surgery and other treatment types."

– Lisa Gfrerer, MD
Cornell University
2023 NEPS Grant Recipient

"Receiving the National Endowment for Plastic Surgery Grant through The Plastic Surgery Foundation has been a great honor! This grant has made it possible for me to continue and expand our research regarding immediate lymphatic reconstruction at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The support from The PSF has allowed us to gain knowledge that can potentially help the many women being treated for breast cancer."

– Michelle Coriddi, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
2023 NEPS Grant Recipient

"A PSF pilot grant initially supported my work in developing an animal model of targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR) analgesia, and now the NEPS Grant is helping my laboratory build on that model to better understand pain pathways affected by TMR. This support has been critical to winning other foundation grants and applying for NIH grants."

– Gwendolyn Hoben, MD, PhD, FACS
Medical College of Wisconsin
2023 NEPS Grant Recipient

"Our team received an NEPS award from The Plastic Surgery Foundation to explore the use of conjoint analysis to elicit patient preferences for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. With the support of the NEPS and PSF, we have been able to administer the conjoint analysis-based decision aid to patients considering breast reconstruction, lending insight into factors that influence preferences for reconstruction in addition to patient preferences for surgery. With the support of the NEPS, we can further this research by conducting a mixed-methods analysis of patient experiences with the decision aid, informing its iterative revision. Ultimately, the support of the NEPS and PSF have been crucial in facilitating the advancement of this project, ultimately allowing our group to be in the position to pursue extramural funding in the future."

– Ronnie Shammas, MD
Duke University
2021 NEPS Grant Recipient

"The PSF-NEPS Grant has allowed me to generate crucial Level 1 evidence on the use of acellular dermal matrices in prepectoral breast reconstruction that will benefit breast cancer patients undergoing mastectomy and underpin competitive proposals for federal grants."

– Evan Matros, MD, MPH, MSc
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
2021 NEPS Grant Recipient

Amount & Duration

Up to $50,000 for projects up to 2 years


The 2024 PSF research grant cycle is NOW CLOSED.

The application deadline was December 1, 2023.