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National Endowment for Plastic Surgery


The National Endowment for Plastic Surgery Grant is intended to support research projects which translate clinical or basic science research findings into clinically relevant advancements or tools with a high likelihood of impacting daily practice and patient care within the next few years. Applications will be evaluated based upon the importance of the study question, soundness of study design, demonstration of study feasibility through preliminary/pilot data, the quality of the investigator team, and use of appropriate statistical and analytic methods.


"I received a $50,000 grant from the Plastic Surgery Foundation's National Endowment for Plastic Surgery in July of 2015. These funds have been absolutely critical to establish a novel line of research investigating the pharmacodynamics of prophylactic doses of enoxaparin amongst plastic & reconstructive surgery patients. NEPS funding allowed me to create a research infrastructure at the University of Utah and generate data that has been presented at our national meetings and accepted for publication in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. These data have also been leveraged in new grant applications--and within the first year, using NEPS data to support the application, I was awarded an R03 grant from the Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality. The PSF and NEPS grant mechanisms provide important means of support for new and established investigators to pursue new directions in their research efforts--thanks so much for supporting my work at the University of Utah!"

Christopher J. Pannucci, MD, MS
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/Microsurgery
University of Utah
2015 PSF NEPS Grant Recipient

Amount & Duration

Up to $50,000 for projects up to 2 years

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National Endowment for Plastic Surgery Grant


The 2022 PSF research grant cycle is NOW CLOSED.

The application deadline was December 1, 2021.