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In 2019, The Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF) awarded 33 investigator-initiated projects and allocated $891,274 to support the newest, clinically relevant research in plastic surgery.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons/PSF leadership is committed to continuing to provide high levels of investigator-initiated research support to ensure that plastic surgeons have the needed research resources to be pioneers and innovators in advancing the practice of medicine.

Research Abstracts

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The Mother Infant Lactation Questionnaire (MILQ)

Principal Investigator
Brian Labow MD


Children's Hospital Boston

Funding Mechanism
Pilot Research Grant

Focus Area
Breast (Cosmetic / Reconstructive)

The goal of this study is to develop and test the Mother Infant Lactation Questionnaire (MILQ, pronounced “milk”). For this project, a team of researchers, surgeons, and lactation and infant feeding specialists will work with a biostatistician to develop and administer the MILQ. We aim to test the MILQ in a large group of mothers, including mothers who previously underwent breast reduction during adolescence or young adulthood. Currently, there exists no comprehensive tool to assess lactation and breastfeeding performance. Our goal is that the MILQ will become be a powerful clinical and research tool used by many healthcare providers and researchers. We envision that the MILQ will be used as a screening tool by lactation counselors, primary care physicians, obstetricians and gynecologists, pediatricians, breast surgeons, and pediatric craniofacial and oral surgeons. We also seek to develop a method for scoring the MILQ, so this tool can be used by researchers to assess variables impacting lactation and breastfeeding, and to compare breastfeeding and lactation performance across groups.

Dr. Brian Labow is a pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the Department of Plastic and Oral Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital. His primary professional activities include clinical practice, translational investigation, and resident education. An overarching theme that links Dr. Labow’s clinical and research activities is the treatment of benign adolescent breast disorders. He founded the Adolescent Breast Center at Boston Children’s Hospital, a service that integrates and coordinates care across multiple disciplines including plastic surgery, adolescent medicine, endocrinology and general surgery. The Center’s registry, of roughly 1300 patients followed longitudinally, provides invaluable information in assessing clinical outcomes and establishing new treatment guidelines. We are now striving to better understand long term surgical outcomes in this population.