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Grants We Funded

Grant applicants for the 2021 cycle requested a total of over $3.3 million dollars. The PSF Study Section subcommittees of Basic & Translational Research and Clinical Research evaluated 106 grant applications on the following topics:

The PSF awarded research grants totaling more than $755,000 to support 25 plastic surgery research proposals.

ASPS/PSF leadership is committed to continuing to provide high levels of investigator-initiated research support to ensure that plastic surgeons have the needed research resources to be pioneers and innovators in advancing the practice of medicine.

Research Abstracts

Search The PSF database to have easy access to full-text grant abstracts from past PSF-funded research projects 2003 to present. All abstracts are the work of the Principal Investigators and were retrieved from their PSF grant applications. Several different filters may be applied to locate abstracts specific to a particular focus area or PSF funding mechanism.

Role of non-adherent Clonogenic ASCs on T-cell Immunomodulation

Angelo Leto Barone MD · Johns Hopkins University

Role of Schwann Cell CD-40 Status on Nerve Allograft Rejection

Debbie Yu MD · University of Michigan

Role of Toll-Receptor Adenosine Signalling in Wound Repair

Lisa Jacob MD · New Jersey Medical School

Sacrococcygeal Morphology and Morphometry of Patients with Pressure Injuries

Barbara Delmore · New York University School of Medicine

Scar Contracture Prevention By Inhibition of Cell Contractility

Howard Levinson MD, FACS · Duke University

Schwann Cell Senescence: A Result of Chronic Denervation?

Scott Farber MD · Washington University in St. Louis

Secretome from Human iPSC-derived Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells for Wound Healing

Biraja Dash PhD · Yale University

Seeding Success: Encouraging Cross-Talk At The Vascular Frontline

Marc Soares MD · New York University School of Medicine

Sensory Supercharge Nerve Transfer: Indications and Limitations

Amy Moore MD · Washington University in St.Louis

Shaping the hand: Guidance strategies for tissue engineering

Harvey Chim MD · Case Western Reserve University