The PSF Visiting Professors Program

    The PSF Visiting Professors instruct Residents in plastic surgery using their clinical, technical and educational expertise. Plastic surgery training programs benefit from the Visiting Professors’ wealth of knowledge and innovative perspectives on plastic surgery represented by the Visiting Professors.

    The Visiting Professor host request deadline has passed for 2014-2015.  The host request period for 2015-2016 Visiting Professors will open in April 2015.

    How can I become a PSF Visiting Professor

    The ten members of the PSF Visiting Professors Committee select PSF Visiting Professors. Of the ten committee members, one is a member of the Women in Plastic Surgery (WPS) SIG, and one is a member of Young Plastic Surgeons (YPS) SIG. The Visiting Professors Committee reviews names submitted by the training program directors and committee members to select a total of eight Visiting Professors each year.

    Selection criteria for the Visiting Professors include:

    • At least three must have adequate experience in cosmetic surgery to be able to provide current lectures on cosmetic topics.
    • At least two must be women.
    • Candidates will be scanned for ethics violations before consideration as Visiting Professors.
    • As Visiting Professors are representing The PSF, the charitable giving history of the candidates to The PSF is considered in the final selection process.
    • Sitting members of the ASPS Board of Directors and members of The PSF Visiting Professors Committee are excluded from consideration.

    Hosting a Visiting Professor

    The Visiting Professor’s host must be an active member of the ASPS/PSF, and the institution must be an ACGME accredited program. Generally, the visits are:

    • Two days in duration
    • Centered around residents/residency programs
    • Typically involve lectures, discussion groups, patient evaluation, and patient rounds

    All local sponsors of The PSF Visiting Professors should follow these guidelines:

    • The local sponsor for each visit must be an active member of ASPS/The PSF
    • The PSF provides airfare transportation
    • The PSF provides an honorarium for each day of the visit
    • It is recommended that visits be of two days duration
    • The sponsoring institution is responsible for lodging, meals and local transportation expenses
    • Each sponsor arranges specific visit details directly with the Visiting Professor
    • Visits should usually involve lecture, discussion groups, patient evaluation, and patient rounds
    • If operative procedures involving the Visiting Professor are planned, the local sponsor must arrange the legalities and specific privileges required
    • The sponsor will complete and submit an evaluation of the visit to the ASPS/PSF

    Plastic surgery training programs interested in hosting The PSF Visiting Professors, in order to share their expertise with plastic surgery residents, faculty and others, are encouraged to submit their request as soon possible, after they have received their emailed notification/application. Their schedules are usually filled within the first weeks of notification.

    Questions about the Visiting Professor program may be directed to:

    Julie Buscemi