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2019-20 Visiting Professors

The PSF Visiting Professors instruct Plastic Surgery Residents using their clinical, technical and educational expertise. Plastic surgery training programs benefit from the Visiting Professors' wealth of knowledge and innovative perspectives on plastic surgery represented by the Visiting Professors.

Edward I. Chang, MD

  • Maximizing Success and Minimizing Complications in Microsurgery
  • Pushing the Limits in Microsurgery
  • Pearls and Pitfalls in Free Flap Breast Reconstruction
  • Autologous Microvascular Breast Reconstruction Beyond the DIEP Flap
  • Aesthetic Considerations in Breast Reconstruction
  • Evolution of Supermicrosurgical Treatment of Lymphedema
  • Supermicrosurgical Management of Post Mastectomy Lymphedema in the 21st Century
  • Optimizing Functional Outcomes in Complex Head and Neck Reconstruction
  • Alternate Flaps in Microvascular Head and Neck Reconstruction: The Next Generation of Workhorse Flaps
  • Upper and Lower Extremity Salvage in the Oncologic Patient

Katerina Gallus, MD, FACS

  • Minority Report: Implicit Bias in Plastic Surgery
  • Starting a Private Practice from Scratch: Pearls and Pitfalls
  • Professionalism and Leadership: Lessons from the Front Lines
  • Current Concepts in Neuromodulators and Fillers

John YS Kim, MD

  • Pearls and Pitfalls of Pre-Pectoral Breast Reconstruction
  • From Idea to Invention: Sagas of Failure and Success with Start-Ups
  • Controversies in Modern Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction
  • Safety, Technique, and Outcomes of Fat Grafting to the Breast
  • Breast Revision: Animation Deformity and Malposition

Justine C. Lee, MD, PhD, FACS

  • Grand Rounds Lectures:
    • Craniofacial anomalies: From Reconstruction to Regeneration
    • Frontiers in Craniofacial Care: Psychosocial Functioning in Children with Craniofacial Anomalies
    • Art and Science in Craniofacial Surgery
    • Shifting Paradigms in Bone Regeneration with Bioinspired Materials (Basic Science)
  • Resident Educational Lectures/Laboratory:
    • Cleft Care: from birth to maturity
    • Microtia and craniofacial microsomia
    • Sculpting ears from silicone ribs (laboratory, requires 90 minutes, will bring materials)
    • Facial feminization surgery and laboratory

Amy M. Moore, MD

  • Nerve Transfers: Living the Paradigm Shift
  • Avoiding Surgical Errors
  • Reconstructive Challenges of the Upper Extremity
  • Nerve Reconstruction – Maximizing Your Success
  • Bench top to Clinic – The Translational Science of Peripheral Nerve Surgery
  • Upper Extremity Limb Salvage-Optimizing Outcomes after Nerve Injury
  • Free Flaps to Amputation: Secondary Reconstruction of Nerve Injured Extremities
  • Nerve Transfers for Brachial Plexus
  • Nerve Transfers for High Nerve Injuries
  • Nerve Transfers for Lower Extremity Nerve Injuries
  • Upper Extremity Compression Neuropathies
  • Neuromas – How Should We Treat Them?
  • Tendon Transfers for Nerve Palsies
  • Restoring Feeling in the Working Hand
  • Getting a Job Where You Trained – A Good Idea?

Peter C. Neligan, MD

  • Current Management of Lymphedema
  • Where Perforator Flaps Fit in our Armamentarium
  • Management of Facial Paralysis
  • Where Plastic Surgery fits in the Surgical Spectrum
  • Evolution of Plastic Surgery

Dennis P. Orgill, MD, PhD

  • Innovation in Plastic Surgery
  • Chest Wall Reconstruction
  • Lower Extremity Reconstruction
  • Angiosarcoma of the Breast
  • Medical Tourism
  • Perineal Reconstruction
  • Plastic Surgery Approach to Infected Wounds

A. Neil Salyapongse, MD

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Replantation
  • Practical Tendon Transfers: Timeless and Timely
  • The Painful Wrist (Beginner and/or Advanced)
  • Beyond Good and Evil: Pain and the Basal Joint
  • Mind the Gap: Global Surgery Experiences and Resident Education

Jesse A. Taylor, MD

  • Approaching the Facial Cascade with LeFort III/I/BSSO Combinations
  • Are Cephalometrics Old School: 3D Planning in Craniofacial Surgery
  • The Frontier of Pediatric Plastic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery in the Movies: Life Imitating Art or Vice Versa
  • Dentistry in Plastic Surgery: From Occlusion to Dental Implants, What We Need to Know