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Grants We Funded

Grant applicants for the 2023 cycle requested a total of nearly $4 million dollars. The PSF Study Section Subcommittees of Basic & Translational Research and Clinical Research evaluated nearly 140 grant applications on the following topics:

The PSF awarded research grants totaling over $1 million dollars to support nearly 30 plastic surgery research proposals.

ASPS/PSF leadership is committed to continuing to provide high levels of investigator-initiated research support to ensure that plastic surgeons have the needed research resources to be pioneers and innovators in advancing the practice of medicine.

Research Abstracts

Search The PSF database to have easy access to full-text grant abstracts from past PSF-funded research projects 2003 to present. All abstracts are the work of the Principal Investigators and were retrieved from their PSF grant applications. Several different filters may be applied to locate abstracts specific to a particular focus area or PSF funding mechanism.

Migratory Inhibitors For Local Immunosuppression In CTA

Stefan Schneeberger MD · University of Pittsburgh

Mmp9 Inhibition Decreases Scarring During Flexor Tendon Healing

Alayna Loiselle PhD · Universty of Rochester

Modeling the Arc of Financial Well-Being in Breast Reconstruction

Danielle Rochlin MD · Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Modified Helicoid Weave Technique - A Novel Method to Enhance Nerve Regeneration

Laxminarayan Bhandari MD · Christine M. Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery Inc.

Modulating Immunotherapy in Composite Tissue Allotransplantation

Galen Wachtman MD · University of Pittsburgh

Modulating Macrophage Dynamics to Improve Autologous Fat Grafting Outcomes

Lauren Kokai PhD · University of Pittsburgh

Modulation of TGF-B in Scarless Wound Healing Using Decorin and Mannose-6-P

Steven Bates MD · Stanford University

Molecular Basis for Neuroregenerative Effects of FK-506

Michael Brenner MD · Washington University

Motor Axon Misdirection in Traumatic Neuroma-in-Continuity Injury

Jacob Alant MD, FRCSC · University of Calgary

Multichannel Carbon Fiber Electrodes to Enhance Nerve Regeneration

Stephen Kemp PhD · University of Michigan, Section of Plastic Surgery