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2024-25 Visiting Professors

The PSF Visiting Professors instruct plastic surgery residents using their clinical, technical and educational expertise. Plastic surgery training programs benefit from the Visiting Professors' wealth of knowledge and innovative perspectives on plastic surgery represented by the Visiting Professors.

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Paris Butler, MD, MPH

  • Enhancing Ethnic Diversity of the Academic Plastic Surgery Workforce
  • Improving Outcomes, Efficiency and Quality of Life in Reduction Mammoplasty
  • Mitigating Disparities in Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction
  • Effective Medical Student and Surgery Resident Mentorship
  • Management of Keloids and Acne Keloidalis Nuchae
  • Treatment of Gigantomastia and Extreme Ptosis
  • Contextualizing the Contributions of Black Surgeons to Plastic Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery Considerations in Black Patients
  • Disparities in Plastic Surgery: From Breast Reconstruction to Cleft Care

Kyle Eberlin, MD

  • The Surgical Management of Symptomatic Neuromas
  • Management of Complex Hand Trauma: Lessons Learned from My First 10 Years in Practice
  • Development of a Comprehensive Orthoplastic and Amputee Center
  • Surgery for Neuropathic Pain: Choosing between TMR, RPNI and Other Techniques
  • Salvaging the Unsalvageable: Contemporary Functional Extremity Reconstruction
  • A Blueprint for the Development of a Practice in Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Andrea Moreira, MD

  • Breast Neurotization: A Sensitive Subject
  • Unlocking Success: Strategies for Breast Neurotization Mastery
  • Pushing the Envelope: Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy in Large and Ptotic Breasts
  • The Elephant in the Room: The Cost of Adm in Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction
  • The Rise of the Machine: Robotic-Assisted Diep for Breast Reconstruction
  • Navigating the Current Landscape and Future Horizons of Robotic Plastic Surgery
  • Management of Congenital Breast Deformities
  • Mastering Extreme Nipple-Sparing Mastectomies: Tips and Techniques for Optimal Breast Reconstruction
  • NSM and Abdominal-Based Free Flap Reconstruction: Lessons Learned
  • Transforming With Triumph: The Diep 'Mommy Makeover' Guide To Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
  • Breast Reconstruction in High Risk for Breast Cancer Patients
  • Be Comfortable in Being Uncomfortable

Dung Nguyen, MD, PharmD

  • Evaluating the Role of the Omentum for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Breast Surgery
  • Understanding the Regenerative Potential of the Omentum
  • Optimizing Sensory Preservation After Mastectomy
  • A Multi-Modality Lymphedema Treatment Algorithm To Normalize Limb Volume
  • Current Evidence and Approaches for Lymphedema Prevention After Axillary Lymph Node Dissection

Phuong Nguyen, MD

  • Global Surgery: Program Building, Pitfalls and Progress
  • Facial Reanimation: The Right Surgery for the Right Patient
  • Craniosynostosis: Evolution of Minimally Invasive Techniques
  • Advances in Cleft Care: Operative to Perioperative
  • Elements of Leadership
  • Comprehensive Pediatric Facial Reconstruction
  • Cleft Rhinoplasty

Galen Perdikis, MD

  • Aesthetic Surgery in Academia
  • Breast Resensation: A False Dawn... Again
  • Incremental Decision Making in Facial Rejuvenative Surgery
  • Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation: The Patient-Centered and Fiscal Argument
  • Augmentation Mastopexy: Data, Failure and Controlling the Lower Segment
  • Safety in Aesthetic Surgery: It's Not Always About the Scalpel

Loren Schechter, MD

  • Gender-Affirming Surgery: Where We've Been and Where We're Going
  • Masculinizing Genital Surgery: Reducing Complications
  • Vaginoplasty: Satisfaction, Outcomes and Complications
  • Gender-Affirming Chest and Breast Surgery: Strategies for Success
  • Uterine Transplantation
  • Plastic Surgery: From Private Practice to Academics
  • Three-Step Approach to Lower Extremity Reconstruction
  • Plastic Surgery: Biology to Bedside

Michael Wong, MD, MBA, FACS

  • Post-Bariatric Body Contouring: Refinements in Approach, Management and Care
  • Autoaugmentation of Breasts and Buttocks in Post-Bariatric Patients
  • Maximizing Abdominal Contouring After Massive Weight Loss
  • Sternal Reconstruction: The Role of Rigid Fixation
  • Advocacy in Plastic Surgery
  • Journey to an MBA and Beyond
  • Private Equity in Plastic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgeons as Employees: Moving from Academics into Private Practice

Diana Yoon-Schwartz, MD, PhD

  • From Operating Room to Financial Freedom: The Plastic Surgeon's Guide to "Starting" Your Practice with the "End" in Mind
  • How to Approach the "Botched Breast" and How to Fix it
  • Complex Reconstructive Surgery in a Private Aesthetic Practice
  • Awake Office Procedures: How to Make it Easy for You and Your Patient
  • Beyond Botox: Advanced Injectables and Non-surgical Options. How to Avoid Catastrophic Complications.
  • Life Hacks for the Busy Plastic Surgeon